Tuesday, June 28, 2011

First Kayak Trip

(Edited to include photos 7-2-11.)

Sunday I was able to use my kayak for the first time! Because of the amount of rain this spring and early summer, and the freelance work I've been doing, I just haven't been able to get out.

The actual kayaking was everything I thought it would be! It was relaxing, the river was pretty, and the workout was pretty good, too. (My arms are still a little sore.) I loved the fact I could just "toss" it in the back of the truck, drive somewhere close and with little effort be paddling on a nearby river. It was great!

There is only one minor problem with this entire scenario -- I have no upper body strength.

A couple of weeks ago, my husband tried to show me how to get the kayak on the top of my car. I have runners for a luggage carrier and it would be easy to tie the kayak to the runners. I couldn't do it! In my defense, part of the problem is that the end of a kayak is pointy. I could lean it against my car, but I couldn't balance it to stand upright for me to then boost it up. Once I did start to boost it on top, I would lose control of it, and it would fall over.

We finally decided I'd be better off putting the kayak in the back of my husband's pick up truck. That should be pretty easy except the tailgate doesn't open. That means I still have to lift the kayak up high enough to get it over the tailgate. The good news is, with a little bit of effort, I was able to get the kayak in the truck -- all by myself! Yea!

So, after experimenting with the proper placement of bungy cords Sunday, I was off! I got the kayak out of the truck no problem and even got it to the water OK. (Dragging it.) But, after paddling for an hour my arms were pretty tired. I dragged the little boat to the truck up a small incline that felt like a mountain.

After a little maneuvering, I got the kayak propped against the tailgate, but I was spent. I climbed in the back of the truck to rest and think of a way to use leverage to get it in easier. Just as I was ready to give it one more shot, a woman walking by offered to give the kayak a boost! Yea!

So, I didn't do it entirely by myself, but I did not have to resort to calling my husband or son to drive down to the river and help me. This was a success!

The result is -- I know I can do it, though it won't be easy. But to be successful, I see some upper body strength workouts in my future.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Facing my Fears

It's funny how you can go your whole life and not know you are afraid of something. In the past year, I've had a few hints, but in the middle of the Warrior Dash it was confirmed -- I'm afraid of heights!

Being at the top of a two-story cargo net wall is not where you want to discover something like this. Actually, I had a pretty strong feeling at the bottom of the wall that I might be afraid. Looking up the wall made my hands sweat and my heart race. But at the top of the wall -- well all doubt was removed. It is not easy to swing your leg over the top of a tall wall when you are holding on for dear life and totally terrified.

But I did it.

And even though my legs were so shaky afterward that I could not walk the planks, I'm really proud of myself. I was scared to climb the wall, but I did it anyway!

Kinda gives me a feeling of invincibility.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Here's Your Post

Today I was told that I have got to post something on this blog because -- my last post about the dying man made her sad. I normally try to post a little more often. In fact, I even have a few drafts I have not yet finished.

So, you know who you are -- thank you for coming home for dinner -- we are so proud of you!

Now you have no reason to be sad.