Monday, January 16, 2012

Weird Coincidence

About a week ago I found a photograph of a beautiful woman running on a beach. She is wearing a bikini and looks strong and healthy, with lots of muscle. She also has prosthetic legs.

It's a great photo! It inspires me in so many different ways. If this woman without legs can be that healthy and strong, what excuse do I have? I also thought my problems seem insignificant compared to not having legs.

Today I was listening to a podcast called The Moth. This podcast features people telling true stories from their own lives in front of live audiences. Many of them are funny, but most of them are intended to make the audience think. Many of the stories that air on this podcast are winners in storytelling competitions.

The story I heard today was told by a woman named Aimee Mullins -- who happened to be a double amputee with no legs. She told stories about growing up with artificial legs, trying to swim, trying to run, wearing dresses... She eventually ended up helping design prosthetic legs, setting running records at the paralympics and became a model.

The story was amazing and she was an amazing storyteller. She was so interesting, I did a Google search on her. And there I found a photograph of a beautiful woman running on a beach with prosthetic legs.

What are the chances?